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After Sales Service

​Even with the best built homes, problems may occur. This is particularly true in today’s market where customers are more sophisticated than ever and their expectations are higher.  How builders handle complaints from home buyers can make or break their reputation and impact the growth of their business because satisfied purchasers are more likely to recommend their builder to friends and family.  

The benefits of good customer service go beyond positive recommendations from satisfied customers.  Every year Tarion recognizes builders who have provided the best after sales based on the opinions of their homeowners.  Lear​n more​​ about The Homeowners' Choice Awards and view the latest recipients​​.

While builders are encouraged to provide the best after sales service possible, Tarion has developed required customer service standards, which all builders must follow.  Registrar Bulletin 01 outlines the requirements for freehold homes and condominium units and Registrar Bulletin 02 outlines the requirements for Common Elements.