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    Construction Performance Guidelines

About the Guidelines

These helpful guidelines outline work and material deficiencies in new homes and residential condominium units covered under the statutory warranty [...]

Cracks in Countertop Surfaces

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Acceptable Performance/Condition

Countertop surfaces exposed to view shall be free from cracks at the time of the PDI. Joints and naturally occurring fissures in natural material are not considered to be cracks.


One-Year - Work and Materials. · Damage resulting from normal wear and tear is excluded from the statutory warranty.


Countertops not meeting the acceptable condition shall be repaired.


Damaged countertops not identified on the PDI Form may be excluded from the statutory warranty, unless the homeowner is able to establish that the damage was caused by the builder. Solid-surface countertops can be brittle and damaged by impact. Care should be taken when cleaning or servicing to prevent cracking or chipping. Sitting or dropping heavy objects on the countertop can create excessive loads that can cause cracking. 11.6 LAMINATED COUNTERTOP (INCLUDING SEAMS, JOINTS OR EDGES) HAS SWELLED 11.7 LAMINATED COUNTERTOP IS DELAMINATED 11.10 SEAMS (JOINTS) IN STONE COUNTETOPS ARE TOO WIDE OR OPEN 11.11 SURFACE PITS, FISSURES OR VEINS IN NATURAL STONE COUNTERTOPS