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    Construction Performance Guidelines

About the Guidelines

These helpful guidelines outline work and material deficiencies in new homes and residential condominium units covered under the statutory warranty [...]

Glass Is Scratched

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Acceptable Performance/Condition

Glass surfaces shall not have scratches visible from a distance of 1,500 mm at the time of the PDI.


One-Year - Work and Materials. · Damage due to improper maintenance and normal wear and tear is not covered by the statutory warranty.


Scratched glass not meeting the acceptable condition and reported on the PDI Form shall be repaired. If not noted, the homeowner must establish that the damage was caused by the builder.


Note any damage on windows on the PDI Form. If not noted, it will be difficult to establish that the damage was caused by the builder. If you cannot assess damage because the surface of the windows has been obscured from view, this should also be noted on the PDI Form. See Also: 3.4 WINDOW GLASS AND/OR SCREEN IS DAMAGED 3.6 GLASS IS CRACKED 3.8 CONDENSATION FORMING BETWEEN INSULATING (FACTORY SEALED) UNITS 8.5 CONDENSATION AND/OR FROST ON WINDOWS