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    Homeowner Information Package

The PDI Form and Certificate of Completion and Possession

During the PDI, your builder will provide a PDI Form which will serve as the official record of the condition of your home before you move in. Your builder must review it with you or your designate. After all the items are recorded on the PDI Form, review the list and ensure it is complete. You or your designate will be asked to sign it, confirming that the listed items are complete and accurate.


At or before the PDI, you will be given a Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP). This document states your home’s enrolment number with Tarion and the date of possession, which is also the start date of your home’s statutory warranty. Your builder will give you copies of the completed PDI Form and CCP for your records.


The PDI Form is not the same as a Statutory Warranty Form, such as the 30-Day Form. It is simply a formal record of your new home’s condition before you moved in and will be used by Tarion as a reference for assessing future statutory warranty claims. You must use a Statutory Warranty Form to initiate the Statutory Warranty Process. Any items listed on the PDI Form that have not been repaired or otherwise resolved should be listed on the 30-Day Form