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    Homeowner Information Package

The Seven Year Warranty

Your home’s seven year warranty covers major structural defects (MSD) and begins on the date you take possession of the home and ends on the seventh anniversary of that date.  

A major structural defect in general terms covers the following — any defect in work or materials in
respect of a building that:

  1. Results in failure of a structural load-bearing element of the building.
  2. Materially and adversely affects the ability of a structural load-bearing element of the building to carry, bear and resist applicable structural loads for the usual and ordinary service life of the element.​
  3. Materially and adversely affects the use of a significant portion of the building for usual and ordinary purposes of a residential dwelling and having regard to any specific use provisions set out in the purchase agreement for the home​.

The seven year MSD warranty may include significant damage due to soil movement, major cracks in basement walls, collapse or serious distortion of joints or roof structure or chemical failure of materials.

In addition to the general exclusions described here​, the seven year MSD warranty specifically does not extend to elevating devices, HVAC appliances (as opposed to systems), and dampness not arising from failure of a load-bearing portion of the building.