Information on Trade Strikes

There are currently trade strikes in Ontario which may affect new home construction. The following provides information for new home buyers and builders regarding the potential impact on home delivery and repairs.

Information for New Home Buyers

New home buyers in Ontario may be affected by these strikes, as they may cause unavoidable delays in the building of their new homes and affect the builder's ability to have trades complete repairs.

An unavoidable delay is an extraordinary circumstance which could cause delay in construction or repairs through no fault of the builder because of specified events, such as a strike, fire, explosion, act of God, civil insurrection, act of war or terrorism, or pandemic.  If such a delay occurs, the builder is permitted to extend all Critical Dates in the Addendum to the purchase agreement without paying delayed closing/occupancy compensation.

In the case of a strike, the builder must inform the purchaser at the outset of the delay associated with the strike. Once the strike has ended and the builder has had an opportunity to determine how long it will take to resume regular operations (this is known as the ‘remobilization period’), they must once again provide written notice to the purchaser.  

New home buyers who have already taken possession of their homes may experience delays in warranty-related repairs due to a strike. Builder repair periods may be impacted for 30-Day, Year-End, Second-Year, and Major Structural Defect claims.  This includes the initial builder period which begins once a claim is made, up to and including the post-conciliation repair period for items assessed as warranted at a conciliation.  Extensions to builder repair periods will be granted by Tarion on a case-by-case basis, where Tarion determines that an extension is justified based on the strikes impacting individual projects.

For more detailed information on strike-related delays, click here.

If you are a new home buyer that is affected by these strikes and have not received any information from your builder, contact Tarion at 1-877-9-TARION or email for more information.

Information for Builders

We understand that these strikes not only potentially impact your closing/occupancy dates, but could also impact your warranty obligations to your customers related to Tarion's Customer Service Standard.

If you believe that this will impact your project(s), we encourage you to download these resources:

Information Documents

Information Sheet for New Home Builders – Construction delays

Information Sheet for New Home Builders  - Extending Repair Periods

Q&A for Builders – Strikes, Unavoidable Delay & Critical Dates

Strike Worksheets 

Delay Rationale - High Rise

Delay Rationale – Low rise

If you have questions regarding strike-related delays, please contact the Tarion staff members listed below.

For inquiries related to freehold and condominium units:

Trudy Napoleone
Manager, Warranty Services
416.229.3844, ext. 3202

For inquiries related to common elements:

Bonnie Douglas
Manager, Warranty Services
416.229.3844, ext. 3183