Introducing the New MyHome App

myhomeapp3As a new home owner, you now have greater convenience and flexibility when it comes to managing  your new home warranty. 

The MyHome app lets you do all of the things you can do with MyHome from your mobile device, such as:

  • Fill out and submit warranty forms;
  • Schedule, reschedule, and cancel Tarion inspections; and,
  • Stay on top of important warranty dates.

In addition to all of the standard functionality, you'll get:

  • Voice to text conversion; and,
  • Seamless image capture and upload capability.

Both of which make it easier for you to add warranty items to your list as you come across them.

Use the MyHome app, MyHome for web, or both.  It's up to you!


Download the MyHome app today!



Download the MyHome app for Apple devices.




Download the MyHome app for Android devices.​