Raising the Standard for New Home Builders

​Toronto, ON, August 29, 2016 – For 40 years, Tarion has been building confidence in Ontario's building industry by ensuring that one of life's biggest investments is protected.  In addition to administering the new home warranty, Tarion also regulates new home builders.  Anyone planning to build and/or sell a new home in the province must demonstrate that they have the financial and technical competency to do so.  As of September 1st, Tarion will require all new builders to have seven core educational competencies as a pre-requisite to their registration in Ontario.

According to Howard Bogach, Tarion's President and CEO, "The new home industry continues to evolve. New building techniques are constantly advancing, and the technical and financial requirements of building a new home have become more complex. In this ever changing industry we need to make sure those who are responsible for building the homes that house our loved ones are held to a level of capability that goes above and beyond the standard."

New builders intending to build under Ontario Building Code (OBC) Part 9 (residential freehold and low-rise condominium construction), will be required to complete seven educational competencies in addition to Tarion's existing registration requirements.

The new educational requirements are based on the Canadian Home Builder's Association National Education Benchmarks for residential construction. The courses will be offered by third party education providers. The core competencies must be held by at least one of, or shared among, the Principals, Officers or Directors (PDO) of the company. 

The competencies are:

  1. Business Planning and Management
  2. Financial Planning and Management
  3. Project Management and Supervision
  4. Legal Issues in Housing
  5. Building Codes in Ontario
  6. Construction Technology
  7. Customer Service and Tarion Requirements

"These new requirements hold home builders to a higher standard, and provide more protection to new home buyers. We will continue to raise the level of professionalism in the industry and strengthen builder registration requirements so that new home buyers across Ontario can keep buying new homes with confidence," added Mr. Bogach.

These new requirements do not apply to existing registrants. They also do not apply to new applicants looking to build according to OBC Part 3 (residential high-rise condominium construction), as those applicants are subject to separate registration criteria.

For more information on these new requirements or to learn more about what it takes to become a registered builder in Ontario, visit Tarion.com.