How to Maintain Your Home's Moisture Levels This Season

All homes require maintenance, and a brand new home is no exception. To keep your home in top shape and protect its warranty, routine upkeep is essential. While there are many items in an ongoing maintenance program, one of the most important is moisture control. 

Special care is required to maintain modern energy-efficient homes since they are tightly constructed to keep out cold weather in the winter and keep cool air in during the summer. Proper ventilation is critical for preventing excess moisture from building up and causing damage that may not be covered by the statutory warranty. Using bathroom and kitchen range fans as well as its ventilation system will help control moisture levels.

In addition to indoor humidity, weather-related water penetration or leaking pipes can have serious consequences if not properly controlled or immediately cleaned up. Regardless of where it occurs, moisture damage can lead to serious problems, such as rot and in extreme cases, even structural failure.

With 40 years of protecting new home buyers, Tarion – the province’s warranty administrator – suggests the following tips to help prevent moisture damage:  

  • In the spring and summer, dehumidify the basement to avoid condensation buildup on the cool foundation walls.
  • Repair leaky pipes and fixtures immediately. Clean and completely dry within 48 hours any areas that are dampened or wet.
  • Investigate and identify any musty smells and odours. They are often an indicator that there is a hidden problem.
  • Purchase a “hygrometer” to monitor the relative humidity in your home.

Knowing how to properly operate all the systems in your new home – including heating, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning – will both help safeguard your warranty and ensure you enjoy your home to the fullest.