Invaluable Feedback from Customer Service Survey

By Howard Bogach, President & CEO, Tarion

This article originally appeared in Condo Life magazine

Buying a new condominium is a big investment – perhaps the largest you will ever make. That’s why choosing the right builder is a critical decision too.

The good news is that you can make that decision with valuable information from consumers who have already gone through the homebuying process.

Every year, Tarion asks buyers of new homes or condominiums about their experience with their builder. We send these Customer Service Surveys out each fall to more than 50,000 consumers who have moved into a new home or condo in the previous year.

This year is no exception. Consumers who bought homes between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2018 will soon receive the questionnaire to fill out.

The survey asks questions about your builder’s customer service before and after you moved into your new condo. You can rate how well they kept you informed throughout the entire home-buying process. Did they do a good job of explaining things like the Homeowner Information Package and the new home warranty coverage that every Ontario builder has to provide to purchasers of new condos?

The survey also asks new owners if they dealt with Tarion and how satisfied they were with our customer service.

The survey results are useful to new home and condo buyers in two key ways.

First, it helps us gauge your experience with Tarion. Once you become a new condo owner, Tarion’s job is to help you understand your warranty coverage and how to make claims. Feedback from our annual surveys tells us how well we are doing in educating new home and condo owners and helps us find areas where we can improve our customer service.

Second, your responses determine which builders will receive Tarion’s Homeowners’ Choice Awards. Builders who are finalists or recipients of these awards have this information added to their record in the Ontario Builder Directory on This is a terrific resource for consumers when they are doing their research to find a builder.

So, if you have taken possession of a new condominium in the past year, look for your Tarion survey in your email or post mail this fall and please take the time to complete it.

Your responses will help improve customer service for new home and condo owners across Ontario and will provide future buyers with critical information when looking for a builder they can trust.