Important Information on Sharing Compliance Concerns with Tarion

As of September 2018, Tarion has introduced a new process for responding to calls from the public regarding builder conduct concerns, including illegal building. To ensure Tarion has the required information to start an investigation, calls will be answered live by a trained member of the Compliance and Investigations team. By asking a few simple questions, our staff can collect the information Tarion needs to begin investigating the concern. This is an important change that will help Tarion provide stakeholders with the best possible customer service. 

To contact Tarion with a compliance related concern, please call us at 1-877-982-7466. A Customer Service Representative will work with you to gather all relevant information including the builder’s name, registration number (if available), a description of the behaviour you are concerned about, and any other information you feel is relevant to the complaint.

Stakeholders can also submit their concerns to one of the following emails:

Please note that as of November 1, 2018, the former illegal building hotline is no longer in service.

Can callers still share information anonymously?

Yes. Callers who don't want to provide their names will still be able to remain anonymous. 

What type of information does Tarion need to investigate illegal building activity?

The more information that a stakeholder can provide, the more efficiently Tarion can review and investigate the concern. Key information that Tarion requires to conduct an investigation includes: 

  • the address of the home(s);
  • confirmation that there appears to be new home construction involved;
  • the stage of construction;
  • whether the home is or has been listed for sale;
  • the name(s) of the vendor and/or builder involved.

If possible, please also include contact information so that Tarion may reach out should additional information be needed.

Will stakeholders receive regular updates on the status of their concerns or an investigation? 

To protect the integrity of an investigation and the privacy of all stakeholders involved, Tarion is unable to provide regular updates on the status of a concern or an investigation. We believe, however, that this process, where a specially trained Compliance and Investigations team member is asking questions to get the necessary information, will reassure stakeholders that Tarion is taking their concern seriously and will undertake the appropriate investigative action. 

How to Report Illegal Building

If you suspect illegal building may be taking place, or have concerns related to builder conduct, please complete the Compliance and Investigations Complaint Form (PDF download) and send it via email to Tarion's Compliance and Investigations team at This email address may also be used for inquiries regarding whether a specific home is enrolled and/or eligible for warranty coverage.