Advisory on Lifting of State of Emergency in Ottawa

The City of Ottawa has lifted the state of emergency declared in response to ongoing protests in the downtown core.  To see the announcement, please visit the City of Ottawa website.

In-Person Inspections Have Resumed in Impacted Areas

All conciliation inspections scheduled in the previously impacted areas will now proceed in-person as appropriate.

Delays in Repairs

We understand that builders may continue to experience difficulties completing repairs due to issues related to the state of emergency in Ottawa. To request an extension to a repair period, email the following to

  • Enrolment number(s) for the home(s) affected
  • Warranty form(s) affected
  • Explanation of the builder’s circumstances
  • Length of additional time needed

If you have multiple homes or units impacted, this can be included in a single email as long as all the enrolments and forms affected are listed.

Delays in Home Delivery

If builders feel that the state of emergency impacted the closing of homes currently under construction, they should consider whether they need to invoke or extend the unavoidable delay provisions of the Addendum (which forms part of the purchase agreement). Under those provisions the builder may be entitled to unilaterally extend critical dates if the state of emergency affected the delivery time of the home. However, the builder must follow the rules set out in the Addendum to do so and must follow the procedures outlined in the Information Sheet for Builders: COVID-19 -- Possible Effects on Construction Schedules for New Homes

More Information

Homeowners with concerns or questions regarding the potential impact on their homes are encouraged to contact their builder to discuss these potential impacts. Alternatively homeowners can contact Tarion’s Customer Service team at 1-877-982- 7466 or by emailing

Builders with general inquiries can also direct them to Tarion’s Customer Service team using the contact information noted above.