Tarion is Seeking Feedback on Enhancements to the New Home Warranty

Tarion remains committed to implementing the Auditor General of Ontario’s recommendations as we work to build a more transparent, fair, and accountable new home warranty and protection program for all Ontarians.

To date, Tarion has implemented 19 of 25 the recommendations.

Based on feedback from this past spring, Tarion is proposing to address a recommendation on improving the warranty process from the Auditor General of Ontario, as well as increasing the coverage under the new home warranty. Public feedback will help inform Tarion’s implementation of these changes.

The proposed changes include:

  • improvements to the CSS, based on feedback from this past spring, to improve homeowners’ ability to seek assistance from Tarion;
  • a proposal to increase the compensation limit for homes that do not benefit from additional Common Element protections.

For further information on the proposed changes, please review our consultation discussion guide and public Q&A.

Please submit any feedback on the proposed changes to submissions@tarion.com by February 17, 2022.

While this consultation focuses on specific recommendations and questions, if you have additional comments relating to any matter raised in the Auditor General of Ontario’s report please also send them to submissions@tarion.com. Please title these with the subject “Additional Submissions”.

Tarion recognizes that not every topic will be relevant to each individual or organization. Please provide comments on the topics that are relevant to you or your organization.

We look forward to receiving your feedback, which is crucial to Tarion’s policy process and continuous improvements.