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  • Critical Dates Calculator

    Use this tool to help you calculate the important dates that appear in the Statement of Critical Dates, which is part of the Addendum in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

  • Construction Performance Guidelines

    To help homeowners and builders determine which work and material defects are covered by the statutory warranty, Tarion provides two detailed reference guides.

  • Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist

    The Pre-Delivery Inspection is an important step before you move in to your new home. We offer helpful information and resources to ensure you're well prepared.

  • Publications Library

    Our comprehensive, one-stop library contains all of Tarion's publications for new home buyers, owners, and builders.

  • Information For Real Estate Agents And Lawyers

    Real estate agents and lawyers play an important role in Ontario's new home industry.  We provide a number of different resources to help you understand what Tarion means for you and your clients. 

  • Video Library

    Our ever expanding online video library is a collection of short, informative videos to help you understand the new home warranty coverage and process.

  • Open Door Blog

    Empower yourself as a new home owner by reading about the real experiences of others like you.  Our blog shares your stories and informs along the way. 

  • Homeowner Surveys

    Every year, Tarion conducts a large-scale survey of new home owners in Ontario.  The results help us improve our services and communications.

  • Builder Surveys

    Every two years, Tarion conducts a survey of builders.  The results help us improve our services and communications.

  • Useful Links

    Ontario's new home industry involves a lot of different players.  We offer links to related organizations that may be able to assist you.