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Home Inspectors and the New Home Warranty

As a home inspector, you often play an important role in supporting your clients, home buyers and owners, throughout the home buying and warranty process. This section contains useful resources that will help you support your clients as they learn about the warranty program. 

If you have questions about Tarion, the warranty program or would like further information for your team or association, please contact us at stakeholderrelations@tarion.com.

Resources for Home Inspectors

When you learn about the warranty program, you are better able to help your clients through the warranty process. These resources will help guide you through the processes. 

Hard copies of any online publications are available and can be ordered by reaching out to stakeholderrelations@tarion.com

Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub contains educational resources, including online brochures and learning modules, to help you understand warranty coverage and the warranty claims process.

Types of Homes Covered and Not Covered

The new home warranty covers the majority of homes in Ontario but there are circumstances where certain types of homes may not be eligible for warranty coverage. These resource pages provide information on what types of homes are covered and not covered, and help clarify the limitations of the warranty coverage.

Quick Tip: If you have questions as to whether a home should be enrolled in the warranty program, please send an email to ismyhomecovered@tarion.com

What's Not Covered

The warranty coverage is broad but there are circumstances where certain items may not be covered. This resource page provides information on items that are not covered under the warranty

Quick Tip: You may want to share this information with your clients about items not in scope of their warranty coverage.

Radon and Your Warranty

Radon is an invisible, odourless, naturally occurring gas found in soil. In high concentrations, it may pose health risks. This resource page contains helpful information about radon and warranty coverage. It also explains how to test for radon and how to make a warranty claim for excessive radon.

Quick Tip: When testing for radon, use a certified radon measurement or mitigation professional or a do-it-yourself radon testing kit. Both options must be long term tests conducted over a minimum of three months and certified through the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program to be eligible for coverage under the new home warranty.

Registrar Bulletin 1: Customer Service Standard

This publication outlines the customer service standard for builders and includes important information about the Pre-Delivery Inspection and the statutory warranty claims process.

Online Video Library

Our online video library provides access to a growing number of short, informative videos on a wide range of warranty topics, including the Top 10 Claims and 10 Things You Need to Know About Conciliation Inspections. 

Quick Tip: The share icon in the top right corner of each video, gives you the YouTube link. Feel free to copy this link and share it with your clients.

Construction Performance Guidelines

These guidelines provide objective and uniform criteria that set out the minimum performance required in the construction of new homes in Ontario. It also provides advance guidance as to how Tarion will decide disputes between homeowners and builders about defects in work or materials.

Quick Tip: Tarion is conducting an ongoing review of the CPG. If you have feedback or would like to share an idea on how the CPG can be improved, please submit them here.

Home Explorer

This easy-to-use illustrated version of the Construction Performance Guidelines allows users to click on various items in a freehold home or condominium unit and identify whether a potential issue is covered under the warranty. 

Quick Tip: Use Home Explorer as you walk through a home with your clients. It’s an easy way to explain to them what may be cover under the warranty.

The Pre-Delivery Inspection

Sometimes home inspectors assist homeowners during the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) by attending the PDI with or on behalf of homeowners. Learn more about the PDI and how you can support your clients using the resources below.

The Pre-Delivery Inspection

These resource pages explain the importance of the PDI and answer common questions from homeowners and builders. The PDI is mandatory for all new homes – both freehold and condominiums. 

Quick Tip: If a homeowner is unable to attend their PDI, they may appoint a designate to attend on their behalf by submitting to Tarion and their builder a copy of the completed Appointment of Designate for PDI form. 

How to Conduct a PDI

This resource page outlines how builders conduct a PDI. It contains information about the type of items you should work with your client to note on the PDI form and a reminder to request a copy of the completed PDI form from the builder for your client’s records.

Quick Tip: Remember to ask the builder to note items that cannot be inspected because they are inaccessible or cannot be viewed for any reason at the time of the PDI.

The Standard PDI Form

This resource provides you with a copy of the standard PDI form. At the PDI, the builder or builder’s representative will fill out either the standard PDI form or their own PDI form, provided that their form contains at least the minimum information set out in Tarion’s standard PDI form. At the end of the PDI, the form should be signed by all purchasers of the home or their assigned designate.

Quick Tip: The PDI form is not a statutory warranty form. Make sure to remind your clients to report all unresolved items on their 30-Day or Year-End warranty forms. 

Getting Ready for the PDI

The PDI is a very important part of buying a new home in Ontario. This step-by-step guide has been created to help make sure that homeowners understand what's involved in a PDI, as well as the role of the buyer, the builder and Tarion.

Quick Tip: Share this publication with your clients to help prepare them for the PDI.

PDI Checklist

This checklist provides helpful tips and a list of important items to check during each stage of the PDI.

Quick Tip: Bring a copy of the PDI Checklist to the PDI to help make sure that nothing is forgotten or missed.

PDI Pointers

This video series walks viewers through the PDI process. It includes a list of important items to check during each stage of the PDI and helpful tips to remember. 

Quick Tip: Share these videos with your clients to prepare them for the PDI.

The Home Construction Regulatory Authority: Illegal Building and the OBD

Effective February 1, 2021, the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (the HCRA) has been designated as Ontario’s regulator of new home builders and vendors under the New Home Construction Licensing Act 2017 (NHCLA).  

The HCRA will be responsible for: 

•    Licensing new home builders and vendors; 
•    Enforcing high professional standards for competence and conduct; 
•    Investigating illegal building practices; and, 
•    Administering the Ontario Builder Directory. 

You can find information on the HCRA’s activities and the Ontario Builder Directory by visiting: www.hcraontario.ca.