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Information for Real Estate Agents and Lawyers

Real Estate Agents: What your buyers need to know about Tarion

Buyers of resale homes that are less than seven years old will benefit from Tarion backed warranty coverage. Statutory warranty protection follows the home and is valid for seven years from the original date of possession, regardless of who owns the home. This section contains resources for real estate agents and your home buyers. If you have questions about warranty coverage or whether a resale home is enrolled in Tarion's Warranty Program, please contact us.

Video Spotlight: "What Realtors Need to Know About Tarion"

As a real estate agent, you play an important role in educating home buyers and should consider Tarion to be your partner. We've developed this video to help you answer some of the most important questions that your clients might ask about warranty coverage:

Resources for Real Estate Professi​onals


​Help your buyers learn more about warranty coverage. These quick resources will help.

A Guide to Your New Home Warranty Brochure

This e-brochure outlines the warranty coverage that comes with every new home and condominium in Ontario. It also includes a helpful chart that allows new homebuyers to view their warranty coverage at a glance.

Realtor Tip: Email this to your buyers. The chart easily explains the warranty coverage at a glance.

Buying Resale?

This informational graphic helps describe the warranty process for new homes under seven years, and what your buyers need to know about the warranty before and after they buy.

Realtor Tip: Use this document, enter your contact information in the Realtor Information box at the bottom, email it or print it for your buyers.

​Construc​tion Performance Guidelines

These guidelines provide objective and uniform criteria that set out the minimum performance required in the construction of new homes in Ontario. It also guides on how Tarion will rule on these items at a conciliation inspection.

Realtor Tip: Reference this guide with your buyers, when they have a question about a warranty status of an item.

​Online Video Library

Our online video library provides access to a growing number of short, informative videos on a wide rage of warranty topics.

Realtor Tip: The share icon at the top on each video, gives you the link to the YouTube location of the video. Copy this link and share it with your buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequent question asked about Tarion.

Realtor Tip: See what others ask about Tarion and share the answers with your buyers.

Resources for Real Estate Lawyers​

Real Estate Lawyers: What You Need to Know About T​arion

This brochure provides a brief and helpful overview of the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act,  warranty coverage, the warranty process, and includes tips on how to protect your clients.

Warranty Coverage

Learn more about how Tarion can protect your buyers’ new or resale homes.

Homeowner Information ​​Package

This publication is provided to all new home buyers in Ontario on or before their Pre-delivery Inspection. It describes the statutory warranties that apply to all new freehold and condominium units built in Ontario, the responsibilities of homeowners, builders and Tarion, and the process used by Tarion to handle statutory warranty claims.

Realtor Tip: Reference this publication with your buyers, when they have any questions about warranty coverage and the Tarion warranty process.

​  What's Not Covered

​​The warranty coverage is fairly broad but is not comprehensive. This resource page provides information on what type of homes are covered, not covered, and items/deficiencies that are not covered.

Realtor Tip: Include this information in communications to your buyers to educate them about the limitations of the warranty coverage.

MyHome - Tarion's online service for homeowners

The easiest way for new homeowners to manage their warranty online.

Realtor Tip: Get your new homeowners to register for MyHome so they can easily manage their warranty information in one place, submit warranty forms online and receive alerts and correspondence from Tarion about warranty deadlines.

How to M​ake a Warranty Claim

If a homeowner runs into a dispute about warranty coverage, certain steps need to be followed to get Tarion involved in the claims process. This resource page provides a step-by-step look at this process. ‭‬‬‬‬‬‬
Realtor Tip: Include this information in communications to your buyers to educate them about the process they need to follow to submit a claim to Tarion.

One, Two, and Se​ven Year Warranties

A quick list of what each warranty entails.

Realtor Tip: Include this information in communications to your buyers to educate them about the warranty coverage that exists on homes that are less than seven years old.

Illegal Building

Almost every new home sold in Ontario must be enrolled in the Tarion Warranty Program. Learn more about protecting your buyers from illegal building.

Ontario Builder D​irectory​

This directory helps you determine if a builder is licensed, see how many homes they've built, and get information about their after-sales service record with Tarion.

Realtor Tip: Help your buyers do their research on a builder. If the builder is not found in our directory, it is possible they are an illegal builder.

Enforcem​ent Quarterly Conviction Reports

A list of vendor/builders that were investigated and convicted of illegal building under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.  Realtor Tip:​ Reference this list to ensure a home you are selling was not built by an illegal builder.

Are you selling an illegally built home?

This article highlights important information about resale homes and the repercussions of selling homes that are built by illegal builders in Ontario.

Realtor Tip: Use this article as a good starting point to do research on the homes you’re selling and their builders.

Using​ Municipal Building Permit information to identify illegal building

This resource page highlights our collaboration with the municipalities to combat illegal building in Ontario.

Realtor Tip: Learn more about protecting your buyers from illegal building.