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Real Estate Professionals: What you need to know about Tarion

Whether you’re helping your clients purchase a new home or condo, or a resale one, it’s important that you understand the statutory warranty that comes with almost every newly built home and lasts for seven years.

This resource page for real estate professionals will connect you with the information and tools you need to help your clients.

In Ontario, new home and condo builders need to be licensed by Tarion and provide a statutory warranty.  The warranty that comes with almost every newly built home or condo lasts for seven years from the original date of possession or in the case of a condo, when interim occupancy is granted.  That means, if you are involved with the purchase or sale of a home that is less than seven years old, it should come with a Tarion-backed warranty.  

You can verify if a home is under warranty coverage by searching in the enrolment tab of the Ontario Builder Directory.  You can search by municipal address or by lot and plan number if the home is still under construction and does not yet have a municipal address.  

You can also search the Ontario Builder Directory to ensure that a builder is registered.

What if the home you’re looking for isn’t enrolled in the warranty program or the builder isn’t registered?

If a new home is built by someone who is not licensed as a new home builder and sold without warranty coverage, it could be an illegally built home.  Being licensed to build homes and providing the statutory warranty isn’t optional – it’s the law and illegal builders can be charged and convicted under the Provincial Offences Act.  

You should also know that real estate professionals who are knowingly involved in the sale of an illegally built home can also be charged and convicted.

Tarion is here to help you learn more about:

How to Report Illegal Building

If you suspect illegal building may be taking place, or have concerns related to builder conduct, please complete the Compliance and Investigations Complaint Form (PDF download) and send it via email to Tarion's Compliance and Investigations team at investigations@tarion.com. This email address may also be used for inquiries regarding whether a specific home is enrolled and/or eligible for warranty coverage.

Real Estate Resources

Learn more about the warranty and share these important resources with your clients.

Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub contains educational resources, including online brochures and learning modules, to help you and your clients understand warranty coverage and the warranty claims process.

What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection?

Before a homeowner takes possession of their new home or condo, their builder is required to conduct a pre-delivery inspection, or PDI. The PDI is a very important step in the new home buying process, so we have a variety of resources to help your clients understand this important milestone.  

CPGs & Home Explorer

The Construction Performance Guidelines (CPG) help homeowners and builders understand how Tarion assesses and resolves disputes about defects in work and materials.  The CPGs are available for both freehold homes and the common elements of a condominium corporation, and in a new easy to navigate illustrated format.

Tarion's Real Estate Watch Newsletter

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