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  • Advantages of Buying New: Best in Class Warranty

    One of the biggest advantages for choosing to buy a newly built house or condo is the new home warranty, which lasts for a total of seven years and provides up to $300,000 in coverage.

  • Advantages of Buying New: The Latest Tech

    Modern techniques and technology are bringing new advancements to homes that result in efficiency, comfort, and durability.


  • Advantages of Buying New: Emergency Assistance

    Buying new comes with the comfort of knowing that you’re protected against emergency situations that are within your builder’s control.

  • Advantages of Buying New: Customized Finishings

    A new home gives you the freedom to make it your very own by customizing the finishings to your tastes, and the reassurance that the selections you make are protected.

  • Advantages of Buying New: Radon Gas Protection

    A new home comes with seven years of coverage against excessive levels of radon, an invisible and odourless gas that can be harmful to your health.

  • Advantages of Buying New: Condo Common Elements

    Newly built condominiums not only come with individual unit warranties, but also warranties on shared areas like pools, gyms, and lounges.