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  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Your Conciliation

    If you are a homeowner preparing for a conciliation with Tarion, these 10 tips will help walk you through the process.

  • "Meet Janice": An Introduction to the MyHome App

    Janice takes "smart" to a whole new level - she didn't waste any time downloading Tarion's MyHome App to manage her new home's warranty.

  • MyHome How-Tos - How to Register for MyHome

    How to register for MyHome.

  • MyHome How-Tos - Creating a Warranty Form

    Use the forms available in MyHome to report warranty items to Tarion.

  • MyHome How-Tos - Adding an Item to Your Warranty Form

    How to add warranty items to your Tarion warranty form.

  • MyHome How-Tos - Submitting Documents to Tarion

    Submit documents to Tarion such as your purchase agreement, updates on warranty claims, or requests for Tarion's assistance quickly and easily through your MyHome account.

  • MyHome How-Tos - Attaching Photos and Supporting Documents to Your Form

    MyHome lets you upload photos or other documents that help to explain your warranty claim. This video shows you how to do it.

  • MyHome How-Tos - Editing or Deleting an Item on Your Warranty Form

    You can edit or delete items on your warranty form before you submit it to Tarion.

  • MyHome How-Tos - Scheduling a Tarion Inspection

    How to schedule your Tarion inspection easily and securely from your MyHome account.