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  • Top 10 Claims Issues

    What are the most common claims Tarion receives from homeowners, and how can you as a builder avoid them?

  • CPG Article 12.2: Finished Floor is Uneven

    Is the finished floor noticeably uneven in places? See how Tarion assesses the situation to determine whether it is covered.

  • CPG Article 10.7: Gap Between Door and Door Jamb is Not Uniform

    Uneven gaps around doors? If the variance is too much, it's covered by the new home warranty. Here's how Tarion determines what is acceptable.

  • CPG Article 2.5: Finished Floor Above Grade is Out of Level

    What is the guideline for a floor that appears sloped, and how does Tarion assess it?

  • CPG Article 2.4: Floor Squeaks

    What causes floor squeaks, how much is normal, and when is a builder required to make repairs under the new home warranty?

  • CPG Article 1.4: Concrete Basement Floor is Cracked

    Find out how Tarion assesses concrete basement floor cracks and determines whether they are covered by the new home warranty.