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  • 2018 Homeowners' Choice Awards

    On May 1, Tarion presented the Homeowners' Choice Awards. The Homeowners' Choice Awards celebrate service excellence in the new home building industry.

  • "Meet Janice": An Introduction to the MyHome App

    Janice takes "smart" to a whole new level - she didn't waste any time downloading Tarion's MyHome App to manage her new home's warranty.

  • Your New Home Warranty - The First Year

    When you move into a new home, you can have peace of mind because the new home warranty is supported by Tarion for up to seven years. In this video, find out what is covered during the first year and how you can easily make a warranty claim.

  • Holiday Memories

    A new home is a new beginning. It's also a place to renew old traditions. Happy Holidays from all of us at Tarion!

  • Tarion Believes in Habitat for Humanity

    Tarion's relationship with Habitat for Humanity goes back years, and together we are helping to build stronger communities across Ontario.

  • Top 10 Claims Issues

    What are the most common claims Tarion receives from homeowners, and how can you as a builder avoid them?

  • CPG Article 12.2: Finished Floor is Uneven

    Is the finished floor noticeably uneven in places? See how Tarion assesses the situation to determine whether it is covered.

  • CPG Article 10.7: Gap Between Door and Door Jamb is Not Uniform

    Uneven gaps around doors? If the variance is too much, it's covered by the new home warranty. Here's how Tarion determines what is acceptable.