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  • What Realtors Need to Know About Tarion

    As a real estate agent, you play an important role in educating new home buyers and should consider Tarion to be your partner. This video provides answers to important questions, such as: What should you do when selling a new home? What happens to the warranty when a home is sold? How can Tarion help you and your clients? Watch this video for answers to these and other questions.

  • Warranty Forms - Guidelines and Timelines

    Tarion may become involved in a home warranty issue after a new homeowner submits a Tarion Warranty Form. This video provides valuable information about our statutory warranty forms, including what should and should not be included on these forms as well as the specific timelines when each of the forms should be submitted.

  • MyHome - How to Manage Your Warranty Online

    MyHome makes it easy to take care of your new home warranty. You can manage all of your warranty information in one place, submit personalized forms online and receive e-mail alerts for important warranty deadlines and other correspondence from Tarion.

  • Maintaining Your New Home

    You've made a big investment in your home, and proper maintenance provides two important benefits: it keeps your home in good condition over the long run, and also helps ensure that your statutory warranty rights are protected.

  • The 10-Minute Guide to Ontario's New Home Warranty

    Find out how to get the warranty coverage you're entitled to. This short presentation is an easy to understand explanation of the key features of the warranty and how to make it work for you.