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Our Values

​​​​The Tarion Way



The Tarion Way is a company-wide, customer service initiative that was implemented in 2010. Since that time, the Tarion Way has been integrated into our daily operations and remains our primary guide on how to deliver service excellence to our stakeholders.



All employees of Tarion strive to provide top quality service by using the following five principles that make up the Tarion Way:

TEAMWORK –  Encouraging ideas and open collaboration between cross-functional teams to create the best possible solutions. 

LOGIC – Assessing problems from different perspectives and testing assumptions to ensure the facts and proposed solutions make sense. 

LISTENING –  Focussing on a true understanding of the customer’s needs and asking clarifying questions before offering a  solution. 

FAIRNESS – Approaching each individual and situation in an unbiased manner and taking the time to logically consider information from all parties involved. 

CARING – Treating people with respect and empathy, and adapting to their unique styles and needs. 

Service excellence is a journey, not a destination. As we continue to apply these five principles, our goal is to continuously improve our customer service to stakeholders.




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