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What You Need to Know

​​​​​For most condominiums, warranty coverage also includes the shared areas of the building, referred to as the common elements. There is no warranty coverage for the common elements of either a common elements condominium or a vacant land condominium. Common elements warranty coverage begins on the date the condominium corporation is registered. 

If you would like more information about the common elements warranty, you can learn more by reading section 15a of the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act & Regulation. For more information on the roles and responsibilities of the condominium board of directors, designates, the builder, Tarion and the Home Construction Regulatory Authority click the Roles & Responsibilities button.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Performance Audit

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The Performance Audit

As per requirement of the Condominium Act, a comprehensive inspection conducted between 6 and 10 months from the date of registration of the project. Its purpose is to identify any deficiencies that need to be addressed and includes as survey of unit owners to determine if damage to individual units may have been the result of a deficiency in the common elements. Visit our page on the Performance Audit to learn more about this process and what to expect.

The Performance Audit

Common Elements Warranty Coverage

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Common Elements Warranty Coverage

Common elements warranty coverage begins on the date the condominium corporation is registered or the date of the amended for phased condominium projects. What items are covered are based on various timeframes and situations. For more information on what’s covered, visit our page on Coverage for Common Elements. It is also important for condominium corporations to note what is not covered by the statutory warranty, for more details view the bottom of the common elements coverage page linked below.

What is covered and not covered for Common Elements

The Common Elements claims process

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The Common Elements claims process

In order to make and resolve a warranty claim with Tarion, you must follow the regular Common Elements claims process. An overview of this process, and links to resources including FAQ’s can be found on our Common Elements Claims Process page.

Claims for Common Elements

Exceptions to the claims process

There are certain items or situations that require shorter or longer resolution timeframes than are allowed under the regular warranty claims process. These include exceptions in case of an emergency, seasonal items, and extraordinary situations. For more information on each, visit our Exceptions to the Claims Process page.

Exceptions to the Claims Process
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