• A male and female builder at a construction site


  • Registrar Bulletins

    Here you can find virtual copies of Tarion’s operational policy statements for builders.

  • Vendor and Builder Agreements

    View online template PDFs of Tarion's Vendor Agreement, Builder Agreement, and Vendor and Builder Agreement.

  • Building Homes & Condominiums

    Know what you need to do at every stage of the construction process, from enrolling new homes before you start digging to conducting a pre-delivery inspection and handing over the keys on the closing date.

  • Providing Warranty Coverage

    As the builder, you are responsible for providing warranty coverage to the new home owner. Make sure you understand your obligations at every stage of the seven year warranty, how the process works, and how Tarion can help. LEARN MORE

  • BuilderLink

    BuilderLink is our online service for builders that lets you enroll new homes, review warranty forms and reports, keep track of your repair timelines, and manage Tarion inspections. You can even access your own warranty related statistics.