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Our vision & mission

For over 45 years Tarion has served new home buyers and owners by ensuring that one of their life’s biggest investments is protected. Our vision is that all new home buyers in Ontario have peace of mind that they are getting the home they were promised. Our mission is to give Ontario home buyers consumer protection and confidence that their new homes are properly built. We do this through fair issues resolution, education, and outreach. We want homeowners to receive excellent customer service and the best new home warranty program in Canada.

Our values


Service Oriented




Solution Seeking




Continuously Improving



What we do

By law, all new homes built in Ontario are provided with a warranty by the builder. Tarion’s role is to ensure that buyers of these homes receive the coverage they are entitled to under their builder’s warranty.

Effective February 1, 2021, Tarion's previous licensing responsibilities have been transitioned to the Home Construction Regulatory Authority. The HCRA is now responsible for regulating new home builders and vendors in the province. To learn more about the HCRA, visit 

Our Responsibilities
  • Protect consumers when builders fail to fulfill their warranty obligations
  • Educate new home buyers & owners about their warranty rights and responsibilities
  • Provide the MyHome online portal for homeowners to manage their warranty and report defects
  • Facilitate the fair resolution of disputes over warranty coverage, repairs or customer service
  • Assess warranty claims through on-site inspection or alternative method of investigation
  • Resolve claims directly with homeowners through compensation or repairs by third-party when a builder fails to address a valid claim
  • Manage a guarantee fund to protect new home buyers out of which compensation for warranty claims is paid.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important part of Tarion’s cultural identity. It has significant impact on our stakeholder relationships and the strategic decisions which guide Tarion’s operations and direction.

Integrating meaningful economic, social and environmental considerations into our business practices and fostering a culture of sustainability is a priority at Tarion. Our 2023 Plan serves to formalize the previous commitments made by Tarion toward social corporate responsibility. It will also pave the way for Tarion to integrate further economic, social and environmental considerations into both business practices and strategic directions.

This plan’s approach serves to ensure that the CSR programs already in place and the new ones introduced are viable over the long term and that Tarion is able to fulfill its CSR commitments in both economically sound and challenging times. Strong corporate governance is necessary to provide a solid foundation for CSR leadership. To that end, this plan also details how governance and CSR are intertwined.

2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Plan PDF

Volunteer Recognition Program

Men’s Street Ministry
Men's Street Ministry is a registered charity that provides food and clothing to the homeless and less fortunate in the Hamilton and Brantford area. The charity was started in 2016 by Roger Boyd, one of Tarion’s Warranty Services Representatives, and today serves over 40 gallons of soup and 800 sandwiches per week. Each year, Roger and his ministry distribute 12,000 pairs of socks and use 15,000 cans of tuna. Tarion staff contributed to a fundraiser in support of the ministry where every $5 funded two pairs of socks and one can of tuna. Staff helped raise $1,250 which translated to 500 pairs of socks and 250 cans of tuna!

Kid’s Help Phone
Kids Help Phone provides a way for young people to confidentially report abuse, a unique telephone counselling service was launched providing free, accessible support to any young person reaching out, anywhere in the country. Over a period of time they have evolved their response and solutions, always focused on staying relevant to youth, recognizing the complexity of issues they face and ensuring counsellors are ready to address the continuum of emotional and mental health needs from crisis situations to the everyday concerns of growing up.
Tarion's Warranty Representative, Joshua Huson volunteers for Kids Help Phone each week as a Crisis Responder – Text Service dedicating over 200+ hours of service over the past year. To support his efforts towards youth mental health, Tarion focused on mental health resources and added additional benefits coverage for employees.

Code of Conduct

Tarion is committed to fair dealing and integrity in the conduct of its business. All Tarion employees are required to meet the highest standards of ethical behaviour in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities, and to contribute to a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Tarion’s Code of Conduct applies to everyone at Tarion, including Board members, officers and employees. For more information, including information about the guidelines for the conduct of compliance and enforcement activities under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and its regulations, you can view the full policy here. 

If you have a complaint about a Tarion employee, process or procedure, please refer to our Policy for the Handling of Complaints against Tarion for further information.

Our Commitment to Inclusion

Inclusion is a core value at Tarion, and we have a strong commitment to build an inclusive culture where all employees have an opportunity to grow, advance in their career, meaningfully contribute to Tarion’s business, and feel they belong. We promote a culture where everyone in our organization recognizes the importance of inclusion and emphasizes the importance of treating all people with respect and dignity.

We have made considerable progress creating an inclusive organization, and we recognize that there is more that can and must be done. We continue to work towards examining all aspects of our workplace and stakeholder experiences to ensure that we are in the best position to support our employees and our communities.

Our workforce demographics
As part of our commitment to inclusion and diversity, each year we publish the demographics of our workforce.

Below is a chart displaying our 2022 workforce demographics:

Non-Binary/OtherPresently not reported
Visible Minorities31%
Indigenous Peoples2%
Persons with Disabilities4%


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Corporate Leadership

Our corporate leadership team is responsible for the management of Tarion’s day-to-day operations. 

A framework of a new home

Our History

Established in 1976, Tarion has a rich history supporting Ontario new home buyers view our history here.

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Governing Documents

Tarion operates within a regulatory framework governed by legislation, by-laws and Minister's Orders.