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What you need to know

It is a provincial offence to offer to sell, agree to sell, or begin construction of a home without first obtaining the applicable licences from the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) and the necessary authorizations from Tarion. This page provides a general overview of the licensing and application process for building and selling new homes in Ontario. For more detailed information, please refer to the relevant Registrar Bulletins below: 

Registrar Bulletin 10-FH Freehold
Registrar Bulletin 10-C Common Elements
Registrar Bulletin 10-CH Contract Homes

  1. Step One: Obtain your licence

    The HCRA (Home Construction Regulatory Authority) is responsible for regulating and licensing new home builders/vendors, enforcing standards of competency, handling home buyer concerns about the conduct of their builder/vendor and managing the Ontario Builder Directory. 

    To build and/or sell new homes in Ontario, you must be licensed by the HCRA. Visit the HCRA’s website at for more information about the licensing process

    All new licensed builders are enrolled in the Tarion Start Right Program.  The Start Right Program is an important part of how Tarion helps new builders start out on the right foot in the home building industry by providing timely information and education that will help them better fulfil their warranty obligations, and deliver high-quality home to new home buyers in Ontario.

  2. Step Two: Complete Tarion application to build & sell

    You must also apply for, and receive the following authorizations from Tarion before you can offer or agree to build or sell a new home or condominium project in Ontario:

    1. To sell a new home or condominium project, you must obtain a Qualification for Enrolment (QFE) Confirmation
    2.To build a new home or condominium project, you must obtain an Enrolment Confirmation.

    The first step towards obtaining these authorizations is to submit the Application for QFE and/or Enrolment Confirmation. You can submit your application to Tarion through BuilderLink if you have access. If you do not currently have a BuilderLink account and you are licensed with the HCRA or the HCRA is processing your license application, you can still start your application process. Visit our Qualification for Enrolment process for next steps.

    Please note: Your application should include all homes – regardless of type – which you plan to sell and build over the next 12 months.

  3. Step Three: Satisfy Tarion's terms & conditions

    After reviewing your application, Tarion will set terms and conditions (such as security) which you must satisfy before you can start to sell or build. Your terms and conditions are outlined in the Notice of Proposal (NOP) of Conditions letter which can also be found in BuilderLink.

  4. Step Four: Obtain qualification for enrolment confirmation

    Freehold Homes & Condominium Units:

    Tarion will issue a QFE Confirmation after you have satisfied your terms and conditions. QFE Confirmation for a proposed home or condominium unit allows you to enter into an agreement to sell it and take deposit money. QFE Confirmation applies only to freehold homes and condominium units.

    Contract Homes:
    Contract home applicants will receive an Enrolment Confirmation after terms and conditions have been met. They must then complete the enrolment process described in the next step after entering into a construction contract and before starting construction.

  5. Step Five: Obtain enrolment confirmation

    To obtain Enrolment confiramtion, you must submit the home for enrolment to Tarion and pay the applicable enrolment fees. Enrolments can be submitted online through BuilderLink. Enrolment Confirmation for a proposed home or condominium unit allows you to begin construction. Use the buttons below for more information on building and selling new homes including: requirements, purchase agreements, closing/occupancy dates.