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​​Corporate Social Responsibility

Tarion SCR Plan 2018-2019

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important part of Tarion’s cultural identity.  It has significant impact on our stakeholder relationships and the strategic decisions which guide Tarion’s operations and direction.

Integrating meaningful economic, social and environmental considerations into our business practices and fostering a culture of sustainability is a priority at Tarion. 

Our 2020 Plan serves to formalize the previous commitments made by Tarion toward social corporate responsibility. It will also pave the way for Tarion to integrate further economic, social and environmental considerations into both business practices and strategic directions.

This plan’s approach serves to ensure that the CSR programs already in place and the new ones introduced are viable over the long term and that Tarion is able to fulfill its CSR commitments in both economically sound and challenging times. 

Strong corporate governance is necessary to provide a solid foundation for CSR leadership. To that end, this plan also details how governance and CSR are intertwined.

Volunteer Recognition Program

Tarion employees are committed to helping homeowners and the communities in which they live. They demonstrate it in the work they do every day as well as what they do outside of the workplace. Our newly established Volunteer Recognition Program was designed to highlight how our individual staff members give back and provide exposure to the cause that they support with their time, energy and expertise. Tarion staff are in turn encouraged to fundraise in support of their colleague’s efforts.

The following are the organizations and fundraising efforts the Volunteer Recognition Program has supported:

Men’s Street Ministry

Men's Street Ministry is a registered charity that provides food and clothing to the homeless and less fortunate in the Hamilton and Brantford area. The charity was started in 2016 by Roger Boyd, one of Tarion’s Warranty Services Representatives, and today serves over 40 gallons of soup and 800 sandwiches per week.

Each year, Roger and his ministry distribute 12,000 pairs of socks and use 15,000 cans of tuna. Tarion staff contributed to a fundraiser in support of the ministry where every $5 funded two pairs of socks and one can of tuna. Staff helped raise $1,250 which translated to 500 pairs of socks and 250 cans of tuna!