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What are the Construction Performance Guidelines?

The purpose of the Construction Performance Guidelines is to provide advance guidance as to how Tarion will decide disputes between homeowners and builders regarding defects in work or materials. The Construction Performance Guidelines are intended to complement the Ontario Building Code. They are supplemented by any applicable guidelines or standards produced by industry associations. They do not replace manufacturer warranties.

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Easily navigate the CPG with Home Explorer, our room-by-room simulation of the guidelines.

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Freehold & Condo Units

CPG for Freehold & Condo Units

Browse the PDF version of the guidelines, or download it to refer to offline. Here you can find the Freehold & Condo Unit version of the guidlines.

Freehold & Condo Units

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Condo Corporations

CPG for Common Elements

Browse the PDF version of the common elements guidelines, or download it. This is for Condo corporations  as they handle claims for common elements.

Common Elements