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Registrar Bulletins & Notices

Tarion’s operational policy statements are called Registrar Bulletins. While in many cases the bulletin content is prescriptive (setting out rules), some bulletins are more informational. Tarion’s Registrar Bulletins are enforced through the vendor builder agreements that applicants sign upon qualification for enrolment or enrolment. 

With the launch of the Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA), Tarion has revised its former Builder Bulletin framework. Some have been discontinued as being outdated or redundant, others have been realigned to provide clearer information and there are some new bulletins. The Registrar Bulletins will replace the former Builder Bulletins in respect of any homes proposed to be sold or built post February 1, 2021.

Any former Builder Bulletins which deal with items related to the HCRA’s statutory mandate have been discontinued since the responsibility going forward will be addressed by the HCRA.

Registrar Notices & Advisories
Current Registrar Bulletins
Archived Registrar Bulletins (formerly called Builder Bulletins)

As at February 1, 2021 Tarion’s Builder Bulletins were either carried forward as new and/or revised Registrar Bulletins or were discontinued. The tables on our Registrar Bulletins page show how each was addressed.

On this page you will find links to each of Tarion’s former Builder Bulletins as they existed as at January 31, 2021.

Bulletin #Bulletin Title
10Conciliation Fees
14RAddendum to Agreements of Purchase and Sale
19RCondominium Projects Design and Field Review Reporting (Pre-2017)
19RCondominium Projects Design and Field Review Reporting (2017)
20How Chargeability is Determined and Applied
-COVID-19 Temporary Supplement to BB20
22Floor Area Calculations
24RSeven Year Warranty Framework - Major Structural Defects
25RDelayed Closing and Delayed Condominium Occupancy
26Registration and Renewal Fees
27REnrolment Warranty Fee Structure
28FSecurity Requirements for Freehold Homes
28HSecurity Requirements for Type C and D Condominiums (High Rise)
28LSecurity Requirements for Type A and B Condominiums (Low Rise)
30RExpanded Registration Requirements
31Targeted Inspection Program
32Cap Liability on Private Sewage Disposal Systems Claims
33RCertification of Private Sewage Disposal Systems
34RNew Combined CCP Warranty Certificate
35Registration and Enrolment of Hi-Rise and Low-Rise Condominium Projects
36RRating Criteria For After Sales Service
37Lease to Own Agreements
38Low-Rise Condominium Inspection Program
39Increased Deposit Coverage for Freehold Homes and Financial Loss Coverage for Contract Homes
40RConstruction Performance Guidelines
41RBuilder Arbitration Forum
42Customer Service Standard
43Escalating Consequences
44Waiver of Indemnity from Builders
45Aggregate Maximum Coverage Amounts for One Year Two Year and Major Structural Defect Warranties
46RFreehold Delayed Closing Warranty
47RCondominium Delayed Occupancy Warranty
48POTLS - Delayed Occupancy Warranty
49Claims Process - Condominium Common Elements
51Residential Condominium Conversion Projects