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Leadership Team

  • Peter-Balasubramanian
    Peter Balasubramanian
    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Kevin-Brodie
    Kevin Brodie
    Vice President, Operations
  • Edmond-Lee
    Edmond Lee
    Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Tim-Schumacher
    Tim Schumacher
    Vice President and General Counsel
  • Bill-Wallace
    Bill Wallace
    Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Gena Argitis
    Gena Argitis
    Associate General Counsel
  • Lesley
    Lesley Ross
    Corporate Secretary
  • Tieu-Minh
    Tieu-Minh To
    Assistant Vice President, Finance
  • Sophie Vlahakis
    Sophie Vlahakis
    Director, Warranty Services