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A portrait of Peter.

Peter Balasubramanian

President &
Chief Executive Officer

A portrait of Gena

Gena Argitis

Chief Operating Officer

A portrait of Kevin

Kevin Brodie

Vice President, 

A portrait of Sophie.

Sophie Vlahakis

Vice President, Warranty Services

A portrait of Edmond.

Edmond Lee

Vice President & 
Chief Risk Officer

A portrait of Tieu-Minh.

Tieu-Minh To

Vice President & 
Chief Financial Officer

A portrait of Tim

Tim Schumacher

Vice President,
General Counsel

A portrait of John

John Linney

Strategic Initiatives

A portrait of John

John Hynes

Vice President, 
Information Systems

A portrait of Jennifer

Jennifer Shiller

Vice President, 
Public Affairs

Portrait of Melissa

Melissa Sousa Gatchalian

Vice President, 
Human Resources

Portrait of Nicole

Nicole Tsorlinis

Assistant Corporate Secretary