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Public Consultation

Tarion's public consultation process offers a valuable opportunity for our stakeholders to provide input on proposed policy changes.  All interested members of the public - individuals and organizations - are encouraged to submit their feedback.​

 The Submission Process

  1. Tarion will post draft materials and background information to receive feedback in the Current section of the Public Consultations page. A final submission deadline will be stated with each posting.
  2. Tarion will accept public input on proposed policy initiatives for a certain period of time, as stated with initial postings. Policies that have not been approved by the Board of Directors but have been through the formal consultation period will be found in the In Process section of the Public Consultations page. Submissions will no longer be accepted at this point.
  3. All submissions are collected and analyzed by Tarion's senior management and final recommendations are prepared for the Board of Directors to review.
  4. After final recommendations have been approved by the Board of Directors and the regulation comes into effect, it will be posted in the In Effect section on the Public Consultations page. An effective date is posted with all final documents.
  5. Individuals that provided Tarion with feedback and all Tarion's registrants will receive notification when policies or regulations come into effect.

We appreciate your invaluable feedback, as your input is crucial to Tarion’s policy process and continuous improvements. Although Tarion’s public consultations focus on specific recommendations and questions, if you have additional comments, recommendations or feedback on other Tarion processes and policies we would be pleased to receive them at submissions@tarion.com




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