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Builder Bulletin 51: Residential Condominium Conversion Projects - Effective January 1, 2018

Beginning January 1, 2018, all of Tarion’s warranty coverage will apply to “residential condominium conversion projects” or RCCPs, including the provisions for deposit protection and delayed occupancy coverage, and the one, two and seven year warranties.

There is one exception; the first year warranty on work and materials will not apply to pre-existing elements (e.g., a foundation or exterior cladding).  Under the new regulations, builders of condominium conversion projects and vendors selling units in these projects must also be registered with Tarion.

These changes follow comprehensive public feedback earlier this fall on draft regulations and a draft of Builder Bulletin 51. So thank you for providing your invaluable feedback! Your input was crucial to Tarion’s policy process. For further information on the final policy, Tarion has developed a new Builder Bulletin 51 - Residential Condominium Conversion Projects.