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Interim Enhancements to the Customer Service Standard

Thank you for sharing your invaluable feedback on how to improve the Customer Service Standard (CSS). Your input is crucial for improving the new home warranty process.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and the provincial Emergency Order suspending timelines, this initiative is currently on hold. Tarion will continue to update both homeowners and builders on any changes to this initiative and will provide notice in advance of the implementation of any interim measures.


On October 30, 2019, the Auditor General of Ontario released the Special Audit of Tarion Warranty Corporation. The Auditor General’s report recommendation #6 focuses on improvements to the CSS.  Tarion is committed to addressing this recommendation to revise the CSS timelines and improve homeowners’ ability to seek assistance from Tarion. 
In early 2020, Tarion sought feedback on the following interim measures to address the recommendation in the short-term, while developing longer-term solutions within the next two years:

  1. Add a grace period to the first 30-day submission period.
  2. Add a grace period to the request for conciliation period for all form types (such as 30-day, year-end, two-year and major structural defects forms).
  3. Allow for submission of more than one 30-day form in the initial period and more than one form in the year-end period.
  4. Add a grace period after the year-end submission period by which a claim may be accepted if the homeowner can show that the builder was provided with written notice of the defect within the one-year period. We are also seeking input on the types of written notices that would be acceptable.
  5. Make a policy change to the definition of emergency claims to include any water penetration claim (as opposed to “major” water penetration only).

As part of this consultation, we also sought input on the length of the proposed grace periods.