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Homeowners' Choice Awards

​​​Formerly known as the Tarion Awards of Excellence, the Homeowners' Choice Awards are the only awards that give Ontario's new home buyers the power to have their new home builder recognized for customer service excellence.

The Homeowners' Choice Awards are on hold for the foreseeable future. 

Past Recipients

Qualification Criteria 

Finalists and recipients for the Homeowners' Choice Awards are determined by a comprehensive survey sent to Ontario homeowners who took possession of a new home.  Survey questions are designed to assess homeowner satisfaction with after-sales customer service.

To be considered, builders must have had at least five possessions during the survey timeframe.  In addition, a minimum number of completed surveys must be received to ensure that homeowner responses can be fairly evaluated.

Builders will not be eligible for a Homeowners’ Choice Award if they: are subject to a Notice of Proposal to suspend or revoke their registration; or are the subject of an active charge for illegal building; or have been convicted of illegal building in the last five years.

Builders compete in four categories:

High-Rise Builder of the Year:  More than 100 high-rise possessions

Large Volume Builder of the Year:  More than 100 possessions

Medium Volume Builder of the Year:  21-100 possessions

Small Volume Builder of the Year:  5-20 possessions

For more information:

Please contact media.inquiries@tarion.com




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