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How Tarion supports Builders

​Tarion is committed to helping you fulfill your warranty obligations to homeowners and condominium corporations. In addition to the Construction Performance Guidelines, which provide advance guidance on how Tarion will decide disputes over warranty coverage, we offer several avenues of assistance.

Tarion’s Technical Desk consists of experienced Warranty Services staff who can provide in-depth warranty information for specific issues. 

If you have questions about whether an item is a warranted defect or would like guidance on an appropriate method of repair, we encourage you to contact the Technical Desk well in advance of your builder repair period expiring. 

Contact Information

The Technical Desk can be reached by calling Tarion’s general number, 1-877-982-7466, and asking for a Technical Desk Representative.

If you would like further assistance on a particular file, you can contact Tarion’s Customer Service Team. Members of the Customer Service Team can provide various forms of assistance in the time leading up to and after conciliation. 

Contact Information

The Customer Service Team can be reached by calling Tarion's general number, 1-877-982-7466.


Early Intervention or Mediation
This process is designed to help when you are experiencing difficulties in resolving warranty issues. An Early Intervention is a meeting conducted by telephone or in person that includes you, the owner, and a Tarion representative. The intent of this meeting is to review the warranty process, the roles and responsibilities of all parties, and to encourage you and the owner to work together to resolve issues.

In cases where there is a small number of issues outstanding, a mediation process can be offered as Early Intervention.

Early Intervention may be beneficial in situations involving:

  • An insurmountable impasse with the homeowner;

  • A dispute over aspects of warranty obligations and coverage; or

  • The belief that either party is not operating in good faith, which can include acts of intimidation or other forms of harassment.

    How the process works

  • If successful, Early Intervention can eliminate the need for conciliation. 
  • Tarion does not determine whether an item is covered by the warranty at any time during this process and no Conciliation Assessment Report is issued. As a result, Early Intervention/Mediation cannot lead to a chargeable conciliation against you.
  • The Early Intervention process is confidential and off-the-record.
  • If it fails and you proceed to conciliation, the information related to it is not made available to the Warranty Services Representative who will conduct the conciliation.

    When it Can be Requested:
    You can request an Early Intervention at any time during the repair periods by writing to Tarion’s Director of Customer Service. 

    For more information visit our page on Early Intervention