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What is a Field Review Consultant (FRC)?

A Field Review Consultant (FRC) is a firm that is authorized by Tarion to provide quality reviews during the construction of higher risk condominium projects. The FRC is responsible for mitigating warranty claim risk for the builder and Tarion by being involved in the document review, site inspection, testing, and deficiency reporting related to key risk areas during the construction of the project.

Registrar Bulletin 19 - Condominium Projects Designs and Field Review Reporting

The reporting responsibilities of Field Review Consultants are outlined in the Registrar Bulletin 19. For more information you can view the dedicated page for this bulletin below.

View Registrar Bulletin 19

Registrar Bulletin 18 - Registered Condominium Conversion Projects (RCCP)

If the project you are working on is a conversion of an existing structure to condominiums you will need to provide additional reporting to Tarion as outlined in Registrar Bulletin 18. The reports listed in this bulletin will be required for Tarion’s approval of the project. Additionally, there are additional requirements that are applicable to the B19 processes. If you have any questions regarding Registrar Bulletin 18 and RCCPs, email

View Registrar Bulletin 18

FRC Connect: Tarion’s online portal for Field Review Consultants

FRC Connect is an online portal made available by Tarion that makes it easier for Field Review Consultants to complete their reporting requirements. Some of the tasks a Field Review Consultant can complete in FRC Connect include:

  • Uploading and submitting B19 documents relevant to CE enrolment projects
  • Previewing the B19 Document submitted for the project
  • Specifying the Building/Tower No. associated to the B19 Document if a project has multiple buildings

The link below provides access to FRC Connect for FRC’s with an approved Bulletin 19 Qualification Status (BQS). If you have any questions regarding FRC Connect, email

Access FRC Connect