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What you need to know

As the provider of the warranty, your builder is responsible for resolving warranty issues directly with you. In the event that your builder fails to resolve your issue, or does not feel that the item is warranted, you can make a claim with Tarion. Tarion will assess your claim and, if under warranty, ensure that the issue is resolved. For home buyers who have not yet received possession of their home, visit the Coverage & Claims Process for Pre-Possession for information that applies to you.

  1. Step One: Before you make a claim

    Before you make a formal claim with Tarion, you must notify your builder of an issue and give them an opportunity to review it and address it. As part of this process, you will need to provide the builder access to your home to make any necessary repairs.

    If you require help earlier than the regular claims process allows, there are other types of assistance from Tarion available that do not require you to submit a formal warranty claim. This includes Early Interventions and Investigative Inspections. You can find more information on each of these options by visiting the Early Interventions & Investigative Inspections page below. To follow the regular process for making and resolving warranty claims, continue on this page.

  2. Step Two: Making a claim

    If your builder fails to resolve your issue, or does not feel that the item is warranted, you can submit a formal warranty claim to Tarion. Tarion can assess your claim and, if warrantable, ensure that the issue is resolved. However, to be eligible for Tarion's assistance, you must report your warranty claims within the relevant warranty timeframes. For information on the various types of claim forms, how and when to submit them, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the various parties involved, visit our warranty claim forms page below. 

    Tarion’s MyHome online portal allows you to make and manage your warranty claims with ease and convenience. MyHome notifies you of important warranty timelines, lets you submit warranty claims to both your builder and Tarion csimultaneously, and allows you to request Tarion's assistance if you need it. If you haven’t done so, visit and register for MyHome below.

  3. Step Three: Timeframe for making repairs

    When you submit a warranty claim to Tarion, it triggers a 120-day initial builder repair period during which your builder should repair or otherwise resolve items on your form that are covered by the warranty. Certain parts of your home and situations demand longer or shorter timeframes, such as exterior work and emergency situations. The 120 day timeframe does not apply to Major Structural Defects. 

    Visit our Builder Repair Timeframe page for more information about this process, what happens if your builder is refusing or unable to make repairs, and the roles and responsibilities during this process.

  4. Step Four: Conciliation process

    If your builder has not completed repairs within the builder’s initial repair period, you may request a conciliation from Tarion. This request must be made within 30 days after the end of the initial builder repair period and can be done through your MyHome account or by contacting Tarion. Conciliation is a process where Tarion assesses the items on a homeowner's warranty form and decides whether they are covered under the warranty set out in the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act. Conciliation may also be requested to assess:

    Whether Tarion agrees with the way a repair was done or offered to be done by the builder;

    Whether Tarion agrees that a settlement offer by the builder is reasonable; and/or

    What, if any, compensation or repair the owner is entitled to receive from the builder/Tarion.

    In most cases, conciliation involves an inspection at the home with the builder's representative in attendance. The inspection is conducted by a Tarion Warranty Services Representative, who is an impartial decision maker. After Tarion completes its conciliation, we will send you and your builder a copy of our Conciliation Assessment Report. The report will tell you whether the items we assessed are covered under the warranty, and if they need to be resolved by your builder. If the report contains items that Tarion has determined are not covered by the warranty, your builder is not required to take any action on those items. For more information on this report visit our conciliation page.

  5. Step Five: Claim resolution

    If the Conciliation Report contains items that are covered by the warranty, your builder will have a final 30 days to resolve them with you. Tarion will contact you 30 days after the date of the report to confirm that all the items listed in the report have been repaired or otherwise resolved by your builder to your satisfaction.

    If any of the items remain outstanding, Tarion will schedule a claim inspection or complete a desk assessment. The purpose of the claim inspection or desk assessment is to determine if your warranty claim has been resolved by your builder in an acceptable manner.For more information on how claims are resolved by Tarion, visit our Claims Resolution section. If you’ve completed the regular claims process and still require assistance, visit our page on Alternative Methods for Resolving Claims below.