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Your Role, Your Builder's Role, and Tarion's Role

As an owner, you have certain responsibilities under the new home warranty in addition to those of your builder and Tarion.

The main responsibilities for each party are outlined below.

For a detailed list of responsibilities at every stage in the regular warranty claims process, please refer to the Warranty Claims Process section.

Your Role

  • Understand your warranty coverage and the process for making warranty service requests and claims;
  • Participate in the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) by making note of incomplete, damaged or missing items and learning how to operate your home's systems;
  • Properly maintain your home in order to preserve your warranty coverage;
  • Bring any warranty service requests to your builder's attention in writing as soon as possible;
  • Provide your builder with reasonable access to your home to investigate and address warranty service requests; and,
  • If you need warranty assistance from Tarion, ensure that your claim is submitted within the appropriate timelines. 

Your Builder's Role

  • Ensure that your home is built properly. This means that it is constructed in accordance with Ontario's Building Code, is fit for habitation, and is free from defects in workmanship and materials and major structural defects;
  • Provide you with information about your warranty coverage at the time of purchase;
  • Conduct a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) with you on or before the closing date and explain how the various systems in your home work;
  • Provide you with a warranty certificate upon your home's completion which indicates when your new home warranty takes effect;
  • Be reasonably accessible to you to address customer service issues, including investigating issues with your home to determine if they are covered by the warranty; and,
  • Resolve valid warranty requests in a timely manner by performing repairs or offering an acceptable alternative resolution.

Tarion's Role

  • Administer the MyHome online portal, which allows homeowners to manage their warranty and report defects to the builder and Tarion;
  • Facilitate the fair resolution of disputes between homeowners and builders over warranty coverage, repairs, or customer service;
  • Assess warranty claims to determine if they are valid either through an on-site inspection or an alternative method of investigation;
  • In cases where a builder fails to address a valid warranty claim, resolve the claim directly with the homeowner either through compensation or repairs by a third party; and,
  • Manage a guarantee fund to protect new home buyers, out of which compensation for warranty claims is paid.