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Consumer Advisory Council (CAC)

In 2011, Tarion formed the Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) to serve as an advisory body to the Board's Consumer Committee (CC).  Any advice and recommendations made by the CAC are forwarded to the CC for review and consideration.  The CAC represents a wide spectrum of individuals including new home owners, industry experts and those who have direct dealings with new home buyers and consumers. 

The purpose of this council is to:

  • Act as an advisory body who provides ongoing advice from a home buyer/consumer perspective on proposed Tarion policy-related matters and changes.
  • Provide external expertise, and personal perspective/experience to proposed policy-related matters and changes.
  • Identify topics to be considered by the CC for potential policy discussions that would enhance consumer confidence in buying a new home, new home warranty protection, and/or benefit Ontario's new home buyer.
  • Provide ongoing advice on topics for consideration brought forward by the CC.

The Consumer Advisory Council is composed of:

  • Two (2) new home buyers who are or have been members of a condominium board and have experience with Tarion;
  • Two (2) freehold new home buyers that have experienced Tarion's warranty process;
  • Two (2) consumer advocates;
  • Two (2) real estate lawyers, with at least one having experience in condominium purchases;
  • One (1) municipal building official (active or retired);
  • One (1) real estate agent;
  • One (1) home inspector;
  • One (1) condominium manager with experience in the common elements warranty process; and,
  • Two (2) experts in building sciences, with one having practical experience in the performance audit process.
* Please note the CAC will only review POLICY BASED suggestions.  Any complaints, questions or concerns related to individual cases will not be considered by the CAC.​

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