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The new home journey can be complex.

That’s why, in Ontario, most new homes come with a warranty that’s provided by the builder and supported by Tarion, an independent, not-for-profit consumer protection organization established by the provincial government. Learn more about our mandate.

Here are 5 key steps to take before you buy:

Research your Builder

Only buy from a builder that has a good reputation for high-quality homes and customer service. You can do this by reading online reviews and visiting showrooms or model suites, but most importantly, check the Ontario Builder Directory. This will help you make sure the builder is licensed to build and sell homes in this province. You can also check whether they have a history of disciplinary actions or homeowner claims.

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Get legal advice

Your purchase agreement is a legal and binding contract that details everything that’s included in the price of your home. Before you sign it, hire a real estate or condo lawyer to review it with you so that you understand the terms and conditions and any potential risks of the sale.

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Confirm all upgrades in writing

Buying a brand new home gives you the opportunity to customize it to your preferences before it’s built. Upgrades and customizations may have warranty coverage, but only if they’re documented in writing as part of the purchase agreement.

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Find out what the warranty covers

The builder’s warranty on your new home provides coverage against defects for up to seven years after the home is completed, as well as protection against specific risks before the home is ready for you to move in.

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Learn how Tarion can help

We’re here to help you get the coverage you’re entitled to, with resources and advice to guide you through the claims process. If a builder doesn’t fulfill their warranty obligations, we step in to resolve the claim.

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Every new home buyer deserves the peace of mind that they'll get the well-built home they were promised.

This starts with understanding your coverage and your responsibilities as a homeowner. 

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Who does what?

Responsibilities in the new home warranty program


Your builder is responsible for delivering the well-built home you were promised. In case of improper delays, cancellations, or construction defects, it’s your builder’s job to address them through their warranty.

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As a homeowner, you should expect to play an active role in the warranty process. This includes properly maintaining your home, being informed about the home’s specific coverage, working with your builder to resolve warranty claims, and meeting specific timelines when managing a claim.

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As an independent authority, we’re committed to facilitating consumer protection for Ontario’s new home buyers. Our mandate includes consumer education, claim and dispute resolution, and managing a guarantee fund out of which compensation for warranty claims is paid.

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