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In a perfect world, you’d move into your new home where everything would be just right. In reality, you may find some things your builder still needs to repair, complete or install. At Tarion, we’re here to back up your new home warranty and to ensure builders follow minimum customer service standards to repair or resolve items under warranty.

How to make a warranty claim

The warranty claims process begins when you submit a warranty form. As a new homeowner, you must be sure to submit your warranty forms to us within the applicable timelines. Submitting a warranty form gives Tarion and the builder notice of your concerns and, if necessary, enables Tarion to get involved to help resolve any warranty disputes between you and your builder.

The simplest and most convenient way to make a warranty claim is through MyHome, our online portal where you can submit personalized forms and get email alerts about important deadlines.

When you’re filling out a warranty form, you should be specific about the nature and location of any problem. You should also consider including photos, videos or other documentation. If you’re unsure whether an item is covered by your warranty, you can refer to Tarion’s Construction Performance Guidelines.

Warranty forms and when you can submit them

These are the warranty claims forms you can submit to Tarion:

  • 30-Day Form: You can submit a 30-Day Form during the first 30 days of possession.  Use this form to list any unresolved warranty items you and your builder identified during your pre-delivery inspection, as well as any new items that have arisen since you took possession of your home.  You can submit only one 30-Day Form, so make sure you include all of the warranty items that you want to report.
  • Year-End Form: You can submit a Year-End Form during the last 30 days of the first year of possession.  Use this form to list all outstanding warranty items to date.  It’s important to note that the one-year warranty is the most comprehensive, and this is your final opportunity to report items covered by the one-year warranty to Tarion.  If you do not submit a Year-End Form before the deadline, you may risk not having certain items covered by the warranty.  Only one Year-End Form will be accepted.
  • Second-Year Form: You can submit a Second-Year Form at any time during the second year of possession.  Use this form to list any items that are covered under the two-year warranty.  Keep in mind that you are allowed to submit as many Second-Year Forms as necessary during this period.
  • Major Structural Defect Form: You can submit a Major Structural Defect Form any time after the second year of possession but no later than seven years from the date of possession.  Use this form to report any items that are covered under the seven-year major structural defect warranty.  More than one Major Structural Defect Form may be submitted.

What happens after you submit a warranty form

Submitting a warranty form on time triggers an initial 120-day period during which your builder should repair or otherwise resolve items on your form that are covered by the warranty. In case your builder does not repair or otherwise resolve warranted items by the end of the initial repair period, you have 30 days to contact Tarion and request a conciliation. This applies no matter which warranty form you have submitted – 30-day, Year-End, Second-year or Major Structural Defect. Conciliation is a process where Tarion assesses the items on your warranty form that are either in dispute or incomplete and decides if they are covered.  In most cases, conciliation involves an inspection at your home by an impartial Tarion representative.  

If you request a conciliation, your builder will then have 30 more days to repair or resolve the items on the warranty form you submitted. During the builder repair periods, you should provide access to your home for repairs and work with your builder to resolve the items.  If you do not request a conciliation during this period, the items on your form will be withdrawn and Tarion will not be able to assist you.

How conciliation resolves your warranty claim

If your builder does not resolve the items during the 30 days after your conciliation request, Tarion will conduct the conciliation to determine whether the items on your form are covered by the warranty.  In addition to inspecting the items at your home, the Tarion representative will consider any documents provided by you and your builder.  After the conciliation, Tarion will send a written report to you and your builder setting out Tarion's assessment of the items.  If Tarion assesses an item as warranted, your builder will have 30 days to repair or resolve the item.  If your builder does not resolve it, Tarion will resolve it directly with you.