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Tarion is making a lot of changes to improve consumer protection and modernize our operations. As part of this transition, we’re going to be making a minor change to our name. 

Instead of ‘Tarion Warranty Corporation’, we will now just be ‘Tarion’.

Why the change?

New homes in Ontario come with a warranty provided by the builder and backstopped by Tarion. Our name change is meant to help clarify for home buyers that it is the builder’s warranty – this is why we’re dropping the word “warranty” from our name in our consumer-focused materials.  

This change is in response to:

•    A recommendation from the Auditor General of Ontario
•    A need to eliminate confusion about Tarion’s role and to clarify how we can help new home buyers
•    A need for consumers to understand that the warranty on their new home is provided by the builder, not Tarion

Where and how you can find us on social media

Tarion is dedicated to providing consumers with important warranty information and updates on our activities on all our social media channels.  

We will also continue to offer home buying advice, maintenance tips and other valuable information for home owners as well as prospective buyers.  

Here are our new social media handles:






Tarion’s promise to deliver

While our name may be shorter, this will not impact your warranty and new home owners can still rely on us to help ensure that one of life’s biggest investments is protected.

We've made many more exciting changes and we encourage you to follow us on social media and visit to find out more.