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A newly built home is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make, and protecting that investment starts with understanding your builder’s warranty and how to get the coverage you’re entitled to under Ontario’s new home warranty program.

That’s where our website comes in. Over the years, we’ve made continuous improvements to our site and its resources to better serve Ontario’s new home buyers.

And now we’ve done it again. 

Welcome to the new

We’ve redesigned our website to make it easier for consumers like you to find home warranty information for every stage of your new home journey – from getting ready to buy all the way to resolving a claim.

Here are just some the new features you’ll discover:

More user-friendly design and content. 

We’ve improved both the organization and navigation of our site to make it easier for you to find the information you need. We’ve also made changes to our content – like simplifying the language and adding more visuals wherever possible – to help you to understand your warranty coverage and the process for making and resolving warranty claims.

An expanded homeowner resources section. 

Our new resources section lets you filter items according to what type of home you are buying or own, what stage of the new home ownership journey you’re in, and what kind of media you prefer (e.g., blog article, video, podcast, etc.). Our goal is for the resources section to be a one-stop shop for warranty education, and we’re getting there! Keep an eye on this section, as we will continue to add to it.

A new section for condo corporations. 

If you’re a member of your condo’s board of directors, we’ve created a new space just for you. Our new condo corporations section includes information and tools to help you understand your role and responsibilities related to the common elements warranty and to manage it more easily.  

A dedicated space for alerts and advisories. 

The new Alerts and Advisories section will make it easier for you to access critical information about issues or changes that might impact you, such as trade strikes, policy changes, and other warranty information.

Enhanced e-learning modules. 

Launched in 2020, our series of e-learning modules allow you to get important warranty information about every stage in the new home buying process in a convenient, interactive, and self-directed way. We’ve updated the modules to make them more user-friendly and enjoyable, and we’ll continue to enhance them in the months to come.

Check it out, and don’t forget to tell us what you think

Whether you’re thinking of buying a new home or already own one, we hope that you find our new website to be helpful. You’ll have the opportunity in various places to provide feedback, so please be sure to take a moment to share your thoughts with us. Continuous improvement is built right into our culture, and we value the ideas we get from new home buyers and owners more than anything.

Our mission is to be the best new home warranty program in the country, and our new website is just the latest step in that direction.