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New home buyers can now register the purchase agreement for their new home with Tarion.

This helps purchasers by creating a record of the purchase with Tarion and allowing Tarion to provide purchasers with key information on the builder’s warranty and coverage – like deposit protection - before they get the keys to their new home.

Registering a purchase agreement is simple, fast, and benefits you in several ways:

  • Creates a record of the purchase with Tarion;
  • Allows Tarion to provide you with key information on the builder’s warranty on your new home before you even get the keys to your new home; and
  • Helps Tarion combat illegal building. 

Register your agreement – its quick and easy!

Once purchasers register their agreement, they will receive a welcome email from Tarion that includes information on the warranty, links to key resources like the Homeowner Learning Hub, and how to reach out to Tarion if they have an issue.

Getting this information right when they sign their agreement allows new home buyers the opportunity to learn about their new home warranty before they move in.

A home is one of life’s biggest purchases and it’s important that you know your rights and responsibilities – and Tarion is here to help.