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Critical Dates Calculator

To complete the first page of the Addendum, which is a Statement of Critical Dates, the first step is to select the appropriate type of sales transaction: 

Freehold Firm; Freehold Tentative; Condominium Firm; or Condominium Tentative.

Once you have made this selection, in the table below, a new field will appear where you will enter the first Critical Date. Depending on the type of sales transaction, this Critical Date will be one of the following: the First Tentative Closing Date; the Firm Closing Date; the First Tentative Occupancy Date; or the Firm Occupancy Date. For condominiums, you will also enter the Outside Occupancy Date.

Please note that all Closing or Occupancy Dates must be on a business day.

Enter the first Critical Date by clicking on the calendar icon once it has appeared below. After you have selected this date, all of the remaining Critical Dates needed to complete the Statement of Critical Dates document will automatically be determined.

Critical Dates Calculator

Type of Transaction

To generate and print a Statement of Critical Dates, choose one of the following: