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The Start Right Program for New Builders

All new licensed builders are enrolled in the Tarion Start Right Program.  The Start Right Program is an important part of how Tarion helps new builders start out on the right foot in the home building industry by providing timely information and education that will help them better fulfil their warranty obligations, and deliver high-quality home to new home buyers in Ontario.

About the program

Builders in the Start Right Program can look forward to targeted education and communication pieces from Tarion at certain milestones in the warranty process, such as:

  • A welcome letter detailing education resources available to builders;
  • A First Enrolment check-in when they enrol their first home;
  • Another check-in when they receive their first statutory warranty form;
  • Notification when they receive their first request for conciliation, and for all requests for conciliations for small volume builders;
  • Alerts when new policies are introduced and when new builder education resources are made available; and
  • Regular updates from Tarion via Breaking Ground, Tarion's builder e-newsletter (builders will be automatically subscribed). 

Builders in the Start Right Program are also expected to attend a Tarion Builder Update session within their first year of being licensed. The intent of the update is to set the stage for ongoing education in their careers.

By helping builders start off on the right path and working to ensure have the tools they need to meet their warranty obligations, Tarion is helping to raise the level of customer service and ultimately ensure a better new home ownership experience for Ontario’s new home buyers.

Welcome Letter Links

Tarion Application for Freehold Homes

Tarion Application for Contract Homes

Tarion Application Process for High Rise Condominiums

Tarion Application Process for CE POTLE, Vacant Land and Low Rise Condominiums


To register for BuilderLink


Builder Deliveries, relates to the delivery of various key documents which must be delivered or attached at or after the sale of a new home including:

  • Warranty Information Sheet
  • Access to the Tarion Learning Hub (concerning information previously provided in the Homeowner Information Package)
  • Purchaser/Owner Contact Information
  • Addendum
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection Form
  • Certificate of Completion and Possession and Warranty Certificate

Registrar Bulletin 5

Enrolment Letter Links

A Warranty Information Sheet must be attached to all Agreements of Purchase and Sale with a date of February 1, 2021 or later

An Addendum must be attached to all Agreements of Purchase and Sale

A Pre-Delivery Inspection must be done with all purchasers before they take possession or occupancy of their home or condominium unit

The Learning Hub  features various modules that provide a general overview of the warranty and the roles and responsibilities of Tarion, the builder and the homeowner. The e-learning modules offer more in-depth knowledge for every stage of the new home buying journey. We recommend that you share this link with your homeowners, early in the process.

First form letter links

The Customer Service Standard for Freehold Homes

The Claims Process for Condominium Common Elements

The purpose of the Construction Performance Guidelines is to provide advance guidance as to how Tarion will decide disputes between homeowners and builders regarding defects in work or materials.

First Conciliation Scheduled Letter Links

How Chargeability is Determined and Applied

A builder who disagrees with Tarion’s assessment of whether warranty claims are or are not warranted or whether a conciliation is chargeable, can dispute Tarion’s assessment at the Builder Arbitration Forum (BAF)

The Home Construction Regulatory Authority Links
Helpful resources

The Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act

The Learning Hub is located in your resources section:

The purpose of the Construction Performance Guidelines is to provide advance guidance as to how Tarion will decide disputes between homeowners and builders regarding defects in work or materials.

Tarion resources